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My name is Jackie Marie. As a former child, like many others, I have grown up, learned many new things, and faced many challenges along the way. The biggest challenge to date has been my mental health. Many people would describe me as resilient or a fighter and while I appreciate what I know is meant to be a compliment, I can't help but think that if I was given certain tools as a child, I may not have had to fight so hard and become the resilient person I am today. 

As a child and into my adult years, finding the words to describe my feelings was almost impossible so I mostly stayed quiet. I was only introduced to the idea of coping mechanisms as a result of therapy sessions when I was already an adult and struggling to feel "normal". I believe with all my heart that had I been taught the different tools available when I was in my formative years, I would be a more well-adjusted adult today.

Personally, I have been on a journey with anxiety and depression for the last ten years, and more recently ADHD. These have had a major impact on the person I am today; and while I still struggle, I am better equipped to face those challenges.

Writing has been a hobby of mine since was young. I love to write about any and everything from lists, to journal entries and now books. I have wanted to write books for as long as I can remember but never knew what I should write about. I've come up with various book ideas and even went so far as to begin manuscripts for books that would never see the light of day. Until now. 

My goal with this book and future books is to help children understand how to manage their feelings and emotions, instead of sitting on feelings and acting out instead. Growing up when I did, mental health was still such a taboo topic and the average adult wasn't well versed in the mental health space, thus inadvertently hurting more than they were helping, using phrases such as “it's all in your head”.

For that reason, I decided that I wanted to create a story, with the sole purpose of not only introducing children to coping tools they can use for different situations but also creating space for a conversation to happen with parents, caregivers, teachers, and even friends. It is important to me that future generations are in tune with their needs and can express themselves in a manner that promotes healthy habits and change, if necessary. While I am in support of therapy, it is not always accessible. It’s my hope that this book can be a starting place for mental wellness at a young age.

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